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  • What are the entrepreneur's advantages to working with the preCompany?
    • Opportunity for any idea to make it to market
    • Opportunity for entrepreneur to have board ‘incubate’ idea and pursue round A funding
    • Opportunity to borrow cash and not bring in investors, giving up too much of company
    • Opportunity for idea to be presented to VC firms throughout West Coast


  • What does the preCompany do well?
    • Incubate ideas by seeking entrepreneurs who may only have their idea on a piece of paper.
    • Find funding for ideas that may otherwise never take off.


  • What relevant resources does the preCompany have?
    • Our membership board of entrepreneurs and venture capital firms/groups seeking companies to invest
    • Members of National Venture Capital Association
    • Members of National Business Incubator Association


  • What do other people see as the preCompany's strengths?
    • Funding for starts needing 1k - $$$$$
    • Network of VC
    • Membership with industry organizations


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